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NK Airplay Radio started as a discussion between Jaime Scott and Elisabeth DeRichmond, concerning the lack of mainstream airplay New Kids on the Block had on national radio stations. As fans of 20 years, they had an idea that a station that played mostly New Kids on the Block music would be well-received in the “blockhead nation”.

So, with a good bit of planning and determination, three months later, in April of 2009, NK Airplay Radio hit the airwaves. Within the first month, NK Airplay Radio maxed out its listener capacity and by the third month of existence, NK Airplay Radio was in the top 4% of total listenership out of 20,000 online radio stations. By September 2009, NK Airplay was the #1 station in its genre.

Live365 took a hiatus in 2016, and as such, so did NK Airplay Radio. We returned to the airwaves in 2019 with the support of the original staff and some fresh faces. With the "remixed" version of the station, we changed the format to include other boybands besides New Kids on the Block, along with top hits of the 80s and 90s. We also spotlight artists influenced by New Kids on the Block.

NK Airplay Radio staff members volunteer their time and energy to the station. It has received recognition by Donnie Wahlberg and Jordan Knight, along with several other of our featured artists. However, we are not affiliated with the New Kids on the Block, or any of our featured artists. NK Airplay Radio looks forward to playing great music for years to come!


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